Goose vs. Fox caught on camera (Spoiler: it doesn’t end well for one of them.)

You see all kinds of things as a police officer in a small town.

But what a cop in the upstate New York community of Ogden happened upon — and then captured on video – this week is nothing short amazing. But Mark Bennetti was an eye-witness to a standoff of wild kingdom proportions.

“Showdown captured on video by Officer Bennetti today,” the Town of Ogden Police Department posted on Facebook April 12.

Yup, Canada goose takes on red fox, in which the goose appears to have the upper hand, er rather, wing.

According to ABC’s WHAM 13 the fox was stealing eggs, as foxes are known to do.

But before you think the fox was sent packing, it was the goose that was actually cooked.

Resident Amy Magoffin updated police with this report: “I went by there this morning (Shepard Road) at 8:00 and the fox had killed a duck and was carrying it around in the grass.”

And there was even photo evidence of the kill. Krystin M. Marnon added this photo, which pretty much says it all.

Goose loses battle of survival of the fittest to a fox in Ogden, NY. Krystin M. Marnon/Facebook

But let’s, for a moment, relive the memory of this courageous goose.

Photos Town of Ogden Police Department/Facebook

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