Goose waddles by to catch World Cup game

Football really is the world’s favourite sporting event drawing a diverse audience.

Some fans are pretty wild.

Twitter user @notDcfcBoss posted a snap of a goose taking an, er, gander at the England vs Croatia semi-final match of the FIFA World Cup.

By golly a goose even caught the game. @notDcfcBoss/Twitter

England lost, by the way, but this goose became the star of the match.

The wild encounter occurred at a vacation rental called Center Parcs.

A fact discovered by a Twitter user familiar with the spot — and the goose.

Mutual amusement attained over the interwebs.

And other interesting critter sightings at the location.

And this.

Oh, it turns out other feathered friends were also enjoying the soccer.

Photo @notDcfcBoss/Twitter

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