Got election day jitters? San Francisco Zoo begins livestreaming its three red pandas to soothe nerves

As Firefox the search engine says:

It’s been a long year, huh? Tomorrow at 10am Pacific, right here on Facebook, come take a peaceful break with some red pandas (live!)

The San Francisco Zoo and Firefox have joined together to create a safe environment for anyone needing a retreat from all the election coverage. Starting at 10 am today, the zoo and Firefox will plaster a live stream of red pandas on the search engine’s Facebook page, according to the zoo.

Check it out here:

The three red pandas, name Hunter, Hillary and Tenzing (for the sherpa and Sir Edmund Hillary, not the one running for president) will be on display. Their antics will hopefully be soothing.

How cute is this face?! If you need to see more of our red pandas in your life, tune into @firefox FB page at 10:00 PST on Election Day!

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