Greenpeace sets up GoPro for marmot to lick

Greenpeace USA went to Glacier National Park recently with the mission to document climate change.

The organization is particularly concerned about what it calls the US Department of the Interior’s role in causing climate change by auctioning public lands for coal mines.

National parks, Greenpeace USA believes, are suffering as a result of this.

A micro player in climate change is the marmot. When global warming shrinks the alpine tundra, marmots are directly impacted. The tundra is their natural habitat.

The GoPro set up by Greenpeace got an unexpected visitor when a marmot showed up. Critters love GoPro.

Remember the pig who found the GoPro in his pig pen or the fox in Alaska who ate the photographer’s GoPro?

Check out the Greenpeace GoPro video:


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