Grizzly bear balances along highway barricade with the greatest of ease

Mountain goats might be sky-high acrobats of the Rocky Mountains, but this grizzly bear takes the balancing act to a whole new level.

Christina Read and her friend were driving through the southeast corner of British Columbia when the spotted a grizzly not just standing, but walking along a concrete barricade on Highway 93.

Read posted an incredible video of the encounter on her Facebook page.

“That’s insane,” one woman can be heard saying off camera.

“That is so crazy,” the other replies.

People are just floored.

Wow, indeed.

“We have seen bears on the drive to and from #windermerevalley but this is by far the most amazing!” Read wrote.

Highway 93 is the north-south corridor between Kootenay National Park in B.C. and Banff National Park in Alberta.

This time of year bear sightings can be common.

Often stretches of the highway are closed to vehicles stopping in order to allow bears to feast on dandelions in peace.

Photos Christina Read/Facebook

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