GUESS cuts out using angora wool in its fashion lines

The retailer best known for making denim super sexy, is making a bold new fashion statement: GUESS is elimating use of angora in its clothing lines.

The move was applauded by animal lovers and animal rights activists, who have been complaining that rabbits are sometimes bound so they can be sheared, cut, yanked and worse for their fur. PETA had been circulating a petition, which was signed by more than 53,000 people, claimed “victory” issuing this statement:

“We’re pleased that GUESS made the compassionate decision to stop selling a product that causes rabbits a tremendous amount of pain, distress, and suffering. More than 110 retailers around the world, including Gap Inc., French Connection, H&M, and now GUESS, are angora-free.”

Here’s what Los Angeles-based GUESS?, Inc. said last week in making the announcement:

“During 2015, while developing our sustainability practices and publishing our first sustainability report, GUESS evaluated our practices related to the use of angora fibers. As a result of this process, GUESS is implementing a program to eliminate angora fiber from our future collections available in retail stores worldwide. GUESS Chief Executive Officer, Victor Herrero stated ‘While in the past, GUESS has worked to ensure the minimal amount of angora used was ethically sourced, we feel the decision to eliminate angora moving forward is just the right thing to do.'”

Ross Little/Wikimedia Commons
Ross Little/Wikimedia Commons

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