Guide dog awarded honorary law degree at University of Calgary

You can call him dogtor. Juris Dogtor.

Cashmere, a Labrador cross guide dog, is now the proud owner of a law degree – pooch pedigree — from the University of Calgary.

Cashmere crossed the convocation stage this month with owner, Tiana Knight, as she received her Juris Doctor.

Cashmere, wasn’t to be left out, for all of his hard work.

University of Calgary President Elizabeth Cannon congratulates Tiana Knight and Cashmere during a convocation ceremony. Riley Brandt/University of Calgary

Tiana Knight lost her sight to cancer as a child. But that never stopped her.

“Perseverance has been part of my whole life,” the 25-year-old told the university after convocation.

But she couldn’t have done this without Cashmere.

“The guide schools do a great job of matching people with dogs who are like them,” says Knight. “He’s funny and quirky and serious when he is working, but he can be a real puppy as well and he likes to play.”

Or her best friend, and fellow law grad, Sarah Patrick.

“We’re like siblings in that we always want each other to do better and we always celebrate when we do well,” Patrick said after receiving their degrees.

Tiana Knight, a blind law graduate student, with Cashmere and fellow law gradate Sarah Patrick. Riley Brandt/University of Calgary

Cashmere is the second service dog to receive the honour from the law school – wearing special doggy robes, too.

Tiana Knight’s guide dog Cashmere receives a a Juris Dogtor degree from the Faculty of Law. Riley Brandt/ University of Calgary .

h/t CTV Calgary Photos Riley Brandt/University of Calgary

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