Half a million cattle killed by flooding in Australia, another 150,000 at risk of starvation

An unprecedented natural disaster in Australia of massive flooding has led to the deaths of more than 500,000 cattle and another 150,000 heads of cattle are in danger of starving to death.

Within days of heavy rains, farmers watched entire herds wiped out. The disaster was compounded by the unexpected toll of flooding following eights years of drought conditions where ranchers struggled to keep animals fed.

Cattle stations throughout Queensland remain underwater. The full extent of the losses won’t be known for weeks.

Australian farmers typically sell cows for AUS$500, and it is estimated that the half a million dead cattle could mean losses of up to AUS$300 million.

Michael Guerin, CEO of Queenland organization AgForce, said:

The speed and intensity of the unfolding tragedy makes it hard to believe that it’s just a week since farmers’ elation at receiving the first decent rains in five years turned to horror at the devastating and unprecedented flood that quickly followed.”

The group, which represents Queensland farmers, has sent emergency provisions to more than 150,000 head of cattle that have no other access to feed.

Guerin pleaded for emergency aid from the government.
I implore governments of all levels, as well as other agencies involved in this mammoth undertaking, to put aside red tape, bureaucratic wrangling and patch protection, and understand the desperate situation of so many producers.”


Photo: Agweb

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