What happens when you ask a baseball team to name your new kitten?

Casey Hauan put a lot of faith in the Tampa Bay Rays.

And not just as a baseball fan, but the cat lover threw down the challenge to his team Friday to name his new kitten.

Seriously. This guy asked a baseball team to name his cat.

The Minnesota Twins thought it was a pretty awesome idea.

As did the Rays. So Hauan added a sweetened the contest.

The little orange tabby was oblivious as the suspense was mounting.

The Rays countered with a bonus prize.

Then other fans jumped on the bandwagon.

The game was a claw-biter.


The Rays do have a cat mascot.

In 2012, DJ Kitty was called up as mascot after fans went gaga over an oversized car spinning tunes on the big screen. (Raymond, a big furry blue thingy, is still a team mascot.)

DJ Kitty working up the crowd. Tampa Bay Rays/Twitter

Oh, and the Ray beat the Twins that day 5-2.

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