Happy Canada Day! A photo gallery of our fave Canadian critters

It’s Canada Day up here and the likelihood that some critter somewhere in this amazing country of ours is going to do something remarkable is pretty high.

That’s news for later.

But first, here’s a look back at some of our favourite Canadian critter stories from the last year.

When a mama bear pulled her cub to safety from a B.C. highway, we all got a new appreciation of why protective mothers are called mama bears.

An Ontario woman had an unexpected houseguest who overstayed his welcome when a raccoon dropped in from a hole in her ceiling.

And another troublesome raccoon. This one from Fort Erie, Ontario when businesses had to shut down in order for rescuers to get a raccoon, who had his head stuck in a peanut butter jar, got stuck on top of a pole.

This story broke our hearts. Danny, the police dog, brought tears to many of our eyes when he cried inconsolably at the funeral for his owner Cst. Dave Ross. Ross and two other RCMP officers,Cst. Douglas James Larche and Cst. Fabrice Georges Geveaudan were killed in Moncton last month after a gunman went on a rampage.

Rescue a baby moose off a northern Ontario highway as Stefan Michel Desgrosseillers did and here’s your reward: a trip to Tim Hortons for a double double.

Name a male emu Lucy and he’s bound to make a run for it when he gets a chance. Lucy the Emu led searchers on a wild emu chase around Vancouver Island.

Romeo the dog had a bucket list which included a drink at a pub and a ride in a fire truck as his owner Riina Cooke, of Coquitlam, made sure her beloved dog’s last days before succumbing to cancer were great ones filled with happiness.

Thanks Pharrell Williams! You made our Canadian Mounties look cool after you wore their hat to the Grammys this year.

Mama sharks don’t have the same maternal instinct as mama bears apparently. No one told this shark in Newfoundland that trying to eat a moose can only lead to problems in a very Canadian problem.

Happy Canada Day everyone!


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