Happy Feet indeed, as adorable penguin chicks make public debut at National Aviary

They don’t have names — yet — but get a first real look at these two adorable balls of fluff.

The public now gets to see the African Penguin siblings at the National Aviary in Pittsburgh.

Dr. Pilar Fish, which is probably the best name for a penguin veterinarian, pronounced the fluffy chicks “healthy and thriving.”

“For the first three weeks their were hand reared by their parents and cared for by their mom and dad,” she told reporters. “And now is a really good time to start the hand rearing process with our expert penguin team.”

That’s how they’ll become comfortable with people and go on to become ambassadors and help educate the public about the species, she added.

African penguin chicks are thriving at the National Aviary.

We first told you about the penguin chicks last month.

They can be viewed live via the facility’s penguin nest cam, along with their parents, Bette Sidney.

The first chick hatched Dec. 16 and weighed 23 ounces and the second chick hatched Dec. 20 weighed 22 ounces.

They are also adorable.

African penguin chicks at appear to hold wings. Ahhhh. National Aviary

Once the chicks are old enough, they will be allowed to move in with the African Penguin colony.

Photos National Aviary

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