Harley the dog is so fat Chinese tourists think he’s a panda

Podgy Pets, as the British say, is an epidemic in the country.

The PDSA Pet Fit Club, a UK pet charity, has been holding an annual competition to help fat critters get slim and trim again.

Over the last nine years, the Pet Fit Club has helped nearly 100 pets lose a total of 332 kilograms or about 709 pounds.

Last year’s winner was Daisy, a formerly bulging Bulldog who was so lazy she had to be bribed with ham to exercise.

But it worked. Daisy shed over a quarter of her bodyweight.

Diet queen Daisy, from Middlesbrough, had ballooned to over 28kg or 61 pounds, making her more than 40 per cent overweight.daisy

Daisy’s passion for extra portions had caused her waistline to expand, along with her preference of hitching a ride to pounding the pavement.

Her owner Gillian had tried to help her beloved pooch to slim down – even encouraging her to go on a treadmill under her close supervision.

But exercise wasn’t Daisy’s thing – when out walking she’d been known to jump into any available car to catch a ride home – hence her family nickname ‘Lazy Daisy’.

But with PDSA’s help and Gillian’s determination, Daisy lost around 8kg (16 pounds) in weight – an impressive 27% of her bodyweight.

This year, one of the finalist is Harley. PDSA_Harley-has-be_3344615k

Cocker Spaniel Harley is carrying so much flab that he’s even been mistaken for a panda by foreign tourists visiting Edinburgh.

Owner Lisa Mitchell says she has been stopped by Chinese sightseers in Prince’s Street who often ask to take photos of Harley due to the uncanny resemblance to a panda.

Harley weighs 27 kilograms or more than 50 pounds and for his breed, that makes him nearly 60 per cent more Cocker Spaniel than he should be.

h/t: Pet Fit Club, Daily Telegraph 

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