Horses spotted roaming in Calgary, led astray by a donkey

The donkey was the ringleader after a group of horses went astray in Calgary.

The Calgary Herald, which first reported the story about the horses being spotted after roaming said several of the animals were seen by police helicopter in a rural part of Calgary Saturday.

Whoever wrote the headline for the story Horses spotted roaming south Calgary street, may have been led astray by donkey has our favourite headline of the year, so far.

About five horses were spotted ambling down 37 Street near 146th Avenue S.W. They may have escaped from a farm in the area and were attempting to return home.

The most likely ringleader was a rogue donkey, says duty inspector Nancy Farmer.

The donkey was the group leader.”

It was unclear whether the animals had escaped an area farm and were attempting to return home.

“It looks like they know where the heck they want to go…They are trying to get back into a field, but they can’t get in.”

Farmer expressed some confusion as she watched a live video feed of the animals.

“Is that a cow?…I wish you could see this video we’re watching here. It looks like there are some folks out there trying to rally them and push them into a field.”

People were on the scene attempting to keep the horses to the side of the road and corral them into a nearby field.

The Calgary Police tweeted out the incident.


    1. No more horsing around! Horses have now been corralled


h/t: Calgary Herald

Photo: Twitter

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