Hero dog Conan gets satirical press conference on Saturday Night Live

Conan the dog got the help of a human interpreter in Saturday Night Live’s Cecily Strong with a sketch of a satirical press conference.

Strong fielded questions as the interpreter for Conan who was part of the military raid against IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who was killed last week in northwest Syria.

As for why Conan took on the dangerous work:

I do this job for two reasons,” Strong said, interpreting for the dog. “One, I love my country and two, bellyrubs.”

On whether he was scared during the raid, the interpreter answered for Conan.

A little, sure, but it could have been worse,” she said. “The terrorists have guns and explosives but at least they don’t have vacuum cleaners.”

Conan’s take on the identity of whistleblower over Donald Trump’s phone call with the leader of the Ukraine:

I hope they find them soon. That sound is driving me crazy.”

Strong also acknowledged some scandals in Conan’s past.

I should come clean about something,” she said. “Ten years ago, at a Halloween party I dressed up as a cat. I did not mean to appropriate feline culture or put on catface. I also apologize for last Halloween, when I dressed as a chocolate Lab.”

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