Hero rescue dog Frida celebrated in Mexico with new statue

Frida is no ordinary member of the Navy.

The search and rescue dog demonstrated her bravery during last year’s devastating earthquakes in Mexico. She is credited with saving a dozen lives when hundreds more were lost.

And this week, she and her trainer Israel Arauz, were among those honoured by government leaders for their difficult, but important work amid the rubble.

Her famous goggles and booties also get another tour for the occasion.

Frida is credited with responding to the call of duty to help save 53 people during natural disasters.

A hero by any measure.

And this picture alone, by journalist Alicia Salgado, says 1,000 words.

But it really only needs one: Ahhhh.

Real Frida meets her statue. Alicia Salgado/Twitter

Main photo @SECOTRADE_Pue/Twitter

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