Hoarder kept hundreds of animals in toxic home in Bellmore, NY

It was called “Operation Noah’s Ark.” More than 400 animals seized from squalid home in Bellmore, NY. And, it wasn’t the first time the Nassau County SPCA removed hundreds of critters from the residence.

Gary Rogers of the SPCA told reporters the conditions inside were unsanitary and unbearable. And yet, dozens upon dozens of birds, reptiles, rabbits and even a skunk were crammed into the home.

“It is a condition that you wouldn’t want to live in and we have a responsibility not to leave the animals live there either,” Rogers said.

That raid conducted by the SPCA and Nassau District Attorney’s Office isn’t the first time animal welfare workers have been to the property owned by Gary Gruber.

Last August, the SCPA recovered another 400 animals – everything from turtles to an alligator. They told the homeowner to clean up his act.

No charges have been laid in this latest case.

And, it’s not clear yet how or when any of the animals could be adopted.

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