Hoarder’s home housed 2,000 critters including peacocks

The smell of two thousand critters living inside a house in Louisiana must have been pretty horrible.

Not only did officials find the standard dogs and cats inside one hoarder’s home, they also found more unusual critters.

Among the critters rescued from the property were turtles, snakes and even peacocks.

Officials at St. Landry Parish found the conditions deplorable. Parish administrator Jesse Ballard said the mess was palpable.

The smell was horrendous…The chickens were in some little crates and they lived in feces until it built up so much they could jump out of the crate.”

Some of the animals will have to be euthanized and others face a long road to recovery.

The home’s owner Donald LeFleur was previously  known to authorities in 2004 for housing a puppy mill on his property. He wasn’t charged.

This time, he was arrested and charged with animal cruelty.



h/t: Fox 8 Live

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