Hockey Dog: Flambo to remain with Montreal Canadiens

Flambo didn’t exactly make the cut, but he still gets to play in the big leagues.

Flambo is a Saint-Pierre Labernese puppy who joined the Montreal Canadiens last year called up from the Mira Foundation to begin training for life as a service dog.

The pooch passed all the skills tests necessary to be paired with a person with limited mobility, but then Flambo was essentially placed on the pemanent injury list.

“Medical examinations and X-rays unfortunately revealed that he suffered from elbow dysplasia, a hereditary degenerative disorder that develops in growing dogs,” the Habs said in a statement Friday, Flambo’s first birthday.

The Mira Foundation figured life with a family would be better than continuing with service dog training.

“Although Flambo’s boundless energy and love of humans would have made him an excellent service dog, it would have been difficult for him to perform the daily exercises involved in this line of work,” the NHL franchise added.

And so, Flambo will remain with the Habs family.

“A Mira dog makes a huge difference for people with disabilities or to the well-being of children with ASD, and we were happy to contribute,” said Geneviève Paquette, the team’s vice-president of community engagement. “Flambo’s mission will take a new turn as he will act as a Mira Foundation ambassador within the Canadiens organization.”


Flambo still gets to be an ambassador with the Mira Foundation and attend hockey games to spread the word about service dogs.

Definitely floofy.

Flambo has a pretty good family.

Way to grow, Flambo.

Photo Montreal Canadiens

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