Hockey player Eddie Lack’s tribute to his best friend will melt your heart

More proof dogs really are man’s best friend.

When NHL player Eddie Lack isn’t on the ice, the 29-year-old home with his dog, Bella.

But this week, Bella passed away. And Lack poured out his heart on Twitter to mourn the loss of one of his “best friends.”

“Every time I walked thru the door you were always there welcoming me with a smile and wiggling your tail. It didn’t matter if it was really late at night coming home from a road game, win or loss, or if we dragged you across the world. You were always there for us,” he wrote.

The Swedish goaltender, who plays for the Calgary Flames, truly loved his dog.

“You were the best dog anyone can ever ask for and I only wish that you would have been with us for another 12 years. I keep looking around trying to find you but I know you’re in a better place right now.”

“Love you with all my heart.”

And posted this picture of one super adorable pooch.

Dog lovers can relate to every word of this.

Farewell, Bella who is somewhere over the rainbow bridge.

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