What the hoot? Owl trapped in soccer net gets helping hands in Alberta

Mounties always get their owl.

Early Monday morning, students and staff arrived at Ralph McCall School in Airdrie, Alberta to find a Great horned owl tangled in a soccer net.

“The owl was conscious and breathing but, obviously quite unhappy with its current predicament,” Constable Dan Martin said in statement.

A misplaced goal to be sure.

That’s when Jennifer Landels, a wildlife conservation volunteer, swooped in to help.

She helped calm the owl and work with police to get it out of the net.

The owl was taken to a veterinarian who said the wide-eyed bird should make a full recovery.

“Airdrie RCMP would like to thank Ralph McCall School students and staff and Jennifer Landels for their quick action and cooperation in rescuing the owl,” police said.

Teamwork is a hoot.

Photos RCMP handout

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