Horse hoisted to safety from Florida pool

Firefighters in Florida hauled in some unorthodox horsepower to lift a frightened horse from a swimming pool.

The Pasco County Fire Rescue recently shared “must see video” of its special operations team rescuing a horse that jumped straight into an above-ground pool after being spooked by another horse.

Firefighters arrived June 21 to a home on Frontier Drive to find the unusual rescue scene. They kept the palomino horse calm by talking to the animal and gently stroking its head.

Firefighters also needed to get a little bit wet to get the job done.

The horse was spooked by another horse. Photo: Pasco County Fire Rescue/Facebook

“Squad 1 responded to the scene with our large animal rescue equipment, and the team went to work,” the fire department said. “After hopping into the pool, firefighters secured a hoisting harness to the horse and carefully lifted the horse from the water.”

Fire crews used a harness and a tractor to lift the horse out of the pool. Photo: Pasco County Fire Rescue/Facebook

Officials said they were thrilled to get the horse out and uninjured.

It goes to show. It just takes a little horsepower.

The horse got out in “good condition.” Photo: Pasco County Fire Rescue/Facebook

“Thank you to everyone who responded and worked vigilantly to save a life!” the fire department said.

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