Hot mess red-tailed hawk unable to fly, but now on the mend at wildlife refuge

One recently rescued red-tailed hawk appears to fancy himself somewhere between John Travolta and Madonna.

An animal services team in southern Ontario posted a photo of the injured bird striking the most magnificent pose.

“He was unable to fly and a bit of a mess,” the Cambridge and District Humane Society explained in a Facebook post Monday.

But he certainly still knows how to strut his stuff.

“He posed quite nicely for a photo before being transferred to Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge for a closer examination and rehab,” the humane society added.

Hobbitstee, which takes care of sick, injured, orphaned or displaced wildlife native to Ontario, said while the hawk might look young, but it’s actually an older male.

With an affinity, it seems, for Stayin’ Alive.

John Travolta in 1977’s disco feature film Saturday Night Fever. Photo: Paramount Pictures

Fare well, little bird.

And, as the Cambridge Humane Society adds, “Good Luck Buddy!”

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