Hot Right Meow: Cardboard Crap for Cats

We all know cats loves boxes, right?

Heck, I brought home new rain boots on the weekend and my cat quickly claimed the box as her new personal fiefdom.

So, why not give your cat the coolest boxes on the planet.

British retailer SuckUK has just what you need in its line of “irresistible cardboard toy vehicles.” There’s the cat fire truck, the cat tank and of course, the “catillac.”

Sitting pretty in a “catillac” is so hot right meow. Photo/SuckUK

“Cats love to play in cardboard boxes, and you won’t find cardboard boxes that are more fun than these,” the retailer explains on its site. “Hours of entertainment for you and your cat. What type is your kitty – pilot, fireman or tank commander?? Part of the ever-popular cardboard classics range.”

Because you never know when you have to fight tooth and claw for the soft food. Photo/SuckUK

But what if your frisky feline hates the car?

Perhaps he, or she, prefers music to transit. Don’t worry, SuckUK’s “cat scratch turntable” has you covered.

“Cool for cats! You love your kitty, but you hate him scratching the furniture, give your pet something good to get his claws into… Like a cardboard turntable with moving tone arm and a top which spins as your cat paws at it! Now watch your cat DJ instead of tearing up the furniture.”

Now those are some smooth grooves. Photo/SuckUK

And if you’re like me, probably spending more time on your computer than playing with your furry friend, there’s help.

The “cat scratch laptop” will allow your kitty to blissfully ignore you. The product is guaranteed to be 100 per cent guilt-free.

“Does your kitty feel left out while you are busy on your laptop? Now everyone can be on Facebook, even your cat. Tiddles will love getting her claws stuck into the irresistibly scratchy cardboard keyboard (and it will keep her from tearing up your furniture). If you want to upgrade the operating system or install new applications, simply print a new screen on paper and slide it inside. A great gift for your nerdy cat.”

Let your cat fall down this rabbit hole of time-wasting. Photo/SuckUK

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