Hundreds of bear claws leads to discovery of dead turtles in suspect’s home

The recovery of more than 1,600 bear claws seized from three suspected wildlife smugglers in Thailand has also uncovered the carcasses of dead turtles kept in the home of one of the men arrested.

In a search of one of the homes of the three suspects, police found three dead turtles, including two dead Hawksbill and a Green turtle.

Police stopped the three men at a bus station at a checkpoint in Wang Noi in Ayutthaya, about 50 kilometres north of Bangkok. The bear claws were wrapped in plastic inside a travel bag.

In total, the police found 1,666 bear claws which the Bangkok Post newspaper reported indicates at least 84 bears were killed for them. Bears have five claws on each paw.

Inside the home of one of the three men, police also found the dead turtles.

The suspect told authorities he was legally authorized to have the carcasses but he failed to produce documentation to prove his claim.

h/t/Photo Credit: Bangkok Post 


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