Hyena spins and splashes on a hot day in a cool pool at Denver Zoo

The Denver Zoo has two separate hyena clans, but one very famous whirling dervish among them.

The zoo posted a video of one of its five hyenas spinning in a pool of water for a head-spinning 35 seconds.

“Have you ever seen a hyena get the zoomies?” the facility tweeted over the weekend. “Because THIS is a hyena getting the zoomies.”

Huh? How? Why? What?

“On a particularly hot day, Kelele was just completely overjoyed at the presence of a tasty bone in his pool, and the result was just pure fun and excitement!” the zoo explained.

Hyenas are neither canines nor felines — they’re actually from the family Hyaenidae — and they are incredibly bright.

But sometimes they are misunderstood.

Which is why the zoo is hoping to debunk some myths.

Photo Denver Zoo/Twitter

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