Hysterical man uses Swiffer to escort menacing owl from house

Finally, a solution to all your owl cleaning needs. At least that’s what Colton Wright of Texas discovered when he came home to a wayward owl lodged in his blinds. (All thanks to his cat that dragged the bird inside.) He used a Swiffer mop as a novel perch for the rather terrifying looking bird. It eventually took flight outside Wright’s window. The encounter, which he posted on YouTube last week under the title The Owl Whisperer, is burning up the Internet with about 3 million views. Be warned, there is some cussing.

“After 40 minutes of hysterics, it did neither of us good,” Wright wrote on YouTube. “We finally compromised and I was able to get him (or her) out using a Swiffer. The Owl Whisperer – Swifferer?”

Be sure not to miss “Owl In My House,” the prequel to this amazing video, which is basically a hysterical man not yet armed with a Swiffer.

h/t Yahoo Photo Colton Wright/YouTube

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