In Alberta, grizzly cams, in Vancouver they’ve got heron cams

Springtime means critters are out and about.

In Alberta, cameras have captured the first grizzly bear sighting in Banff.


Vancouver’s Park Board, the only elected park board in North America, has set up its heron cams.

The heron cam close up views in real time of one of North America’s largest urban colonies of Pacific great blue herons.

Wanna waste hours watching? When action is happening, it’s better than House of Cards. The birds go from courtships through egg laying to power plays to gain access to the White House aka, the nest.

The heron cam was installed to educate the public about the Pacific great blue herons, which have been designated as a species at risk. B

irds are an excellent barometer of a healthy ecosystem and building awareness is a primary objective of the Vancouver Bird Strategy.

The heron cam is a remotely controlled wireless camera mounted on the roof of a building near Park Board offices at 2099 Beach Avenue. It gives you a “birds’ eye view” of the drama in the trees.

The heron cam is set at Tree B – Nests 4 and 5, which are the most visible of the many nests in this colony. Fog and wind may affect viewing conditions.

Control what nests you want to see and at what distance by hovering over the buttons at the bottom-right.

Grown chicks will fledge in late summer and you can tune in to watch the drama of new life unfolding in nests here. 

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