An injured Christy Turlington and a drooling George Clooney

When it comes to getting dogs adopted, it helps to have a celebrity name.

Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue has come up with a novel technique that helps animals get adopted. It gives them celebrity names.

We love their logo: Saving Badass Dogs from Idiot Humans. 

They have a story about the rescue of Christy Turlington, a cute dark-haired cross who was backed over by a truck in her native Alabama.

This article from the New York Times  found the example of an entrepreneur who knew right away that the dog James Earl Jones was the one for her. Her first dog was Simba. If you’ve ever watched The Lion King, you’ll get the connection.

As the NYT article points out, the adopter finds a connection right away with a dog if they have the right celebrity name. One guy who adopted Willie Nelson, a  cattle dog/basset hound mix, noted that his dog ate his girlfriend’s weed.

See Spot Rescue, a rescue shelter, noticed it got tons of offer to help pay for Stacy Kiebler’s vet bills after the two-year-old Dalmatian/pit bull mix broke her leg after getting hit by a car. Donations poured in.

Photo credit: Badass Brooklyn Rescue




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