Iran announces it will restrict development of new dolphin aquariums

The Iranian government has announced it will not allow development of any new facilities to house dolphins.

According to Hamid Zahrabi, deputy director for the Department of Environment, the government believes dolphins in aquariums is exploitative.

Zahrabi said recreational centres can be constructed without harassing animals, in a transcript provided by DauphinLibre, a French-language organization dedicated to shutting down such facilites.

We have issued an instruction to prevent the development of these centers.”

Aside from pointing out animal cruelty in dolphinariums, Zahrabi also mentioned religious grounds for the government’s stance against dolphinariums — emphasizing that training dolphins to perform tricks “in some cases is Haram [forbidden by Islamic law].”

There are currently 4 dolphinariums in Iran and it is not clear whether the government’s move will affect them.

“Although dolphins dolphinariums are usually born in captivity and are not directly torn from nature, they are in all cases trained to be pressured to perform tricks they do not do naturally.”

Zahrabi said studies have shown that between 2009 and 2018, 13 dolphinariums were closed in 10 countries , mainly because of the unpleasant living conditions suffered by the marine mammals of these companies.

The media recently reported on the launch of a new dolphinarium in Ahvaz, a city in the country’s southern region.

Officials at the center wanted to use animals such as sea lions, seals and penguins alongside dolphins.

L’Iran désapprouve l’exploitation des dauphins captifs

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