Jackie Chan and Spike the rhino speaks out against rhino poaching

Tools of the Trade has a very effective video out using Chinese film star Jackie Chan to speak out against rhino poaching

Poaching of many of Africa’s iconic species has reached an all time high. With an estimated 35,000 elephants poached in Africa in 2014 and 1,215 rhinos poached in 2014, in South Africa alone, demand is growing at unsustainable levels. Consumption, in addition to existing on-the-ground efforts, needed to be addressed.

Asia is one of the biggest markets for illegal wildlife products

The Say No Campaign targets major ivory and rhino horn consuming nations in Asia—including China, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Thailand.

As much as 70 percent of elephant ivory is transported to China, where it is where it is sold for up to US$3,000 per pound and carved into jewelry, religious figurines and trinkets.

The demand for rhino horn is also growing. It now fetches a price higher than even gold—nearly US$30,000 per pound.

In Asia, it is purported to be a cure for fevers, impotence and cancer. Research has disproven any medicinal value, showing that rhino horn is made of keratin, like human hair and nails, and ingesting it has no effect on symptoms.

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