Jeremy Roenick lunges at alligator on golf course. No, really.

New evidence Jeremy Roenick may have had his bell rung one too many times during his two decades in the NHL.

Roenick, who played for Chicago Blackhawks, Phoenix Coyotes, Philadelphia Flyers, Los Angeles Kings and San Jose Sharks, thought it wise recently while golfing to try and tackle an alligator. Roenick was playing a round with Rhea Hughes, who hosts a radio sports show in Philadelphia, when they spotted the gator lounging on the green near a water hazard.

Rather than give the critters a wide berth and pass on by, Hughes filmed the retired hockey player making his way toward the alligator.

“Come with me,” Roenick says.

“I’m not getting closer, dude,” Hughes says.


But Roenick keeps urging him to follow and, of course, “Keep me in the frame.”

Hughes assures that both Roenick and the alligator are in the frame (in truth, the cinematography is not awesome) and then, the former forward throws himself forward, toward the gator.


The gator leaps into the water just out of Roenick’s reach.


“That was awesome,” Roenick says bounding back toward the camera. Both men post the video to Twitter.

The response was swift.

One thing, at least, is clear: Roenick should be thankful he tried to tango with such a fleet-footed gator.

h/t Toronto Sun Photos Rhea Hughes/Twitter

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