Jockeyless horse Bodeexpress loses at Preakness but wins Twitter

War of Will took the second jewel of the Triple Crown Sunday but all eyes were on Bodeexpress, a jockeyless horse who lost his rider at the starting gate but kept on running.

Bodexpress continued around the track and evaded outriders trying to corral him. Eventually, an outrider did catch up to the three year old horse and the equine looked fine, and frankly, a bit proud, as he trotted off the track, according to TV coverage.

In  throwing off his jockey John Velasquez and running his heart out, Bodeexpress became an Internet sensation winning praise for running as a passion, not just as his profession.

This drawing of Bodeexpress by Goosetooths is inspiring

praised for running with passion, not just as his profession

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