Jubilation for Jubilee: Husky with “weird” eyes finally has a home

Jubilee was surrendered by a breeder two years ago because the husky had “weird” looking, always alarmed-looking, eyes.

And for the past two years, the husky, now aged 4, has been at the Husky House in Matawan, New Jersey, looking for her forever home.

“I came from a ‘breeder’ who couldn’t sell me because he said I was ‘weird’ looking,” the rescue facility posted a week ago on Facebook.

That post, and Jubilee’s plight, quickly went viral.

No, she doesn’t look like a typical husky.

Jubilee is more than meets the eye. Husky House/Facebook

That’s because of a congenital eyelid deformity leaving her always looking wide-eyed surprised.

“Jubilee has been with us for two years and had zero interest and not one application,” the facility posted. “She attended adoption events and people would snicker and we could hear them comment about her looks. She’s been on our website without anyone wanting her. If posting a sad story is what finally got her a home, we would have done it two years ago.”

And guess what? It worked.

Proof a sad story says so much. Husky House/Facebook

Husky House was flooded with interest, applications and media interest from around the world.

And over the weekend, she was adopted by a family who has adopted pets from Husky House previously.

Jubilee was adopted over the weekend. Husky House/Facebook

Jubilee was checked by a vet.

Jubilee was spruced up.

And yes, she does sort of look perpetually surprised.

And now, the sweetheart has a new home.

“Her parents do not want her to become a circus sensation, but they would like to share her progress,” Husky House added.

You can still follow along with her new life at her new Facebook page.

It’s also where Jubilee’s family is also helping raise money for the Husky House.

Photos Husky House/Facebook

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