Just a bear going to the drive-thru to eat ice cream for his birthday

It’s Berkley the Bear’s first birthday and to celebrate, he’s taking a trip to get ice cream.

His favourite flavour? Peanut butter, of course.

Berkley is an orphaned bear who was taken in by conservation staff at Discovery Wildlife Park.

No, Berkley doesn’t actually get to drive in himself. But he does act as an ambassador in the park which is located in Innisfail, Alberta.

For those wondering if it’s a good idea to give bears human food, as Carl Degerlund wondered in a comment on Facebook, staff had the answer.

“How is this helping the bears normal survival instinct?”

Zookeeper Jacob Gregoryk reply was that Berkley serves as an example.

At discovery wildlife park we take in orphan and rescue animals that cannot be re released. However, she can act as a great ambassador for bears whose wild instincts are fully intact she helps educate the public to make sure we don’t interfere with wild bears!


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