Justin Bieber buys puppy. Probably will abandon it soon

Justin Bieber may be a lover of critters but as he’s shown time and time again, he’s not that loyal to them.

Remember that time he abandoned his monkey Mally in Germany. He tried to bring Mally into the country and when she didn’t have the proper paperwork, Bieber bailed on the monkey. Germany has since tried to get Bieber to settle his bill.

Then another time, Bieber gave his pet hamster PAC to a fan in Atlanta.

So when Bieber was home for the holidays in Ontario and news emerged that he bought a little pug puppy after falling in love with it at a local pet store, our first thought was : poor little doggie.

Enjoy your time with Bieber, little Karma.  It will be all over before you know it.

h/t: CTV News



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