K9 cops have great Karma, will quell Kaos and Kage criminals

Remember the contest to name Canada’s future canine cops?

Well, 13 puppies now have kool — yes, kool — new names.

All of them start with the letter K.

“We received some fantastic suggestions this year,” Insp. Akrum Ghadban, the Officer in Charge of the Police Dog Service Training Centre, said in a statement. “Thank you to everyone who entered the contest during this very special year in which we celebrate Canadas 150th anniversary.”

The names of the first 13 puppies to be born at the facility in Innisfail, Alberta came in from boys and girls representing every province and territory.

Meet Kage, Kai, Kammo, Kaos, Karma, Kate, Kato, Kaya, Kayla, Kazoo, Knight, Koda and Kullu.

Canada’s next crop of K9 recruits.

This is K9 recruit Kaos/RCMP

These dogs may one day search for missing or lost people, track and apprehend criminals, help remove illicit drugs from the streets, detect explosives and find evidence.

Meet the great Kazoo canine cop/RCMP

“Ninety-four percent of the German shepherds working today as RCMP service dogs were born at the PDSTC as part of the RCMP Police Dog Breeding Program,” Mounties said.

They are also pretty darn kute.

Photos RCMP

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