Kitten smuggler in Singapore foiled by suspicious bulge in his pants: officials

Authorities in Singapore said they caught a man smuggling kittens in his pants.

The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority said a 45-year-old man from Singapore was stopped as he tried to cross by vehicle into Singapore from Malaysia at the Tuas checkpoint.

“Officers were prompted to conduct further checks when they heard ‘meowing’ sounds coming from a bulge in his pants,” officials said in a statement on Facebook.

Four live kittens were discovered.

Behold the suspicious and meowing bulge. Immigration & Checkpoints Authority/Facebook

Under the Animals and Birds Act, if convicted the man could face a maximum fine of $10,000 or jail for a year or both.

“This method of concealment is a cause for concern as similar methods may be used by people with ill intent to smuggle security items into Singapore,” officials added.

The kittens are now under quarantine with the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore, which is also investigating the case.

The kittens appear to be fine, and are most definitely cute.

Four live kittens were found stashed in a man’s slacks Jan. 2. Immigration & Checkpoints Authority/Facebook

While bizarre and potentially dangerous — both for the smuggler (it seems like a bad place to stuff cats with claws) and the country (through the importation of foreign diseases) — ICA kept its humour through the ordeal.

“Trying to get past fur-midable officers? Impawsible,” officials wrote.

Photos Immigration & Checkpoints Authority/Facebook

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