Kitten survives ride through Virginia lodged under wheel well

This ride could have been a catastrophe.

Instead, one lucky kitty somehow lived through a 45-mile (72 kilometre) trip through Virginia trapped behind the fender of a car’s wheel before being rescued.

Petersburg Animal Care and Control and a local body shop shared details of the ordeal on social media.

“A woman rode from Capron, Va to Petersburg, Va and discovered a cat under her car!” the animal shelter wrote on Facebook. “Miraculously this cat survived with no injuries.”

Local animal control, fire as well as Leete Tire & Auto Center Inc. responded to the call.

Body shop service manager Warren Strum made quick work to remove the “scared but unharmed kitten.”

Debbie Broughton and Warren Strum pause for a moment with the free-riding cat. Petersburg Animal Care and Control/Facebook

“Never a dully day at Leete Tire & Auto!!!,” the company noted online and shared a video of the tabby cat’s great escape.

The driver, Eunika Brown, said she didn’t know how the cat got there, but praised all the folks who helped. 

“So this happened to me yesterday while leaving out for lunch,” she posted on Friday. “Grateful that the kitten wasn’t hurt and that she found a great home.🐈 Thanks to Petersburg Animal Control, and Leete Tire & Auto for assisting me. #jobwelldone#purrfectending.”

Seriously, how did you get in there? Petersburg Animal Care and Control/Facebook.

Oh yes, there is a purr-fect ending to this hair-raising tale.

Chuck, another worker at Leete Tire & Auto, adopted the cat “on the spot” the business said.

“He is a long time cat lover, they bonded instantly!” the body shop added.

The hitchhiker cat now has a new home. Petersburg Animal Care and Control/Facebook

Photos Petersburg Animal Care and Control/Facebook




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