Kitten with four ears is taking the internet by storm

We’ve all heard cats have nine lives, but four ears?

Meet Midas, a four-month-old kitten born with an usual genetic mutation, which gives her two sets of ears. She also has a defective jaw. But that isn’t stopping the smitten kitten from Ankara, Turkey from attracting close to 100,000 followers on Instagram in just a month.

Midas was born in July and was surrendered along with her siblings.

Pet-parent Canis Dosemeci, who worried the young cat might have trouble finding a home due to her odd appearance, adopted the four-eared cat.

Instead, the kitten which appears to be a Russian Blue, settled in nicely at home with two dogs and found internet fame.

Cats, do of course, rule the internet so the world had to know Midas was destined for greatness.

Midas is so-named for the mythical Greek king who was cursed with donkey ears, but could turn everything he touched into gold.

The modern-day feline Midas has done precisely that — but with a social media following.

Midas also has a heart-shaped patch of white fur on her belly.

And really, cat lovers everywhere have fallen for her.

Midas really has the touch. Photo: Midas_x24/Instagram

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