Koala desperately hangs onto tree branch as mega-storm lashes Australia

An extreme storm is hammering Australia cutting power to tens of thousands, causing flooding and cancelling flights. Rain, hail and strong winds are slicing across South Australia – leaving some critters are caught in the middle.

Take for example this Instagram video from Stirling in the Adelaide Hills, which shows a koala clinging to a tree branch far from the ground.

“I think our Koala took riding out the storm quite literally! So hard to watch!!” wrote Jacqueline, who posted the video Thursday morning.

No kidding.

I think our Koala took riding out the storm quite literally! So hard to watch!!

A video posted by Jacqueline 🍓🌲 (@strawberriesandpinecones) on

He was still hanging tough long after the video was posted.

And then this update. He’s OK.


And here’s the little guy before the storm hit.

Basking in the sunny calm before the storm. Hope our little friend is ok tonight 😚🐨

A photo posted by Jacqueline 🍓🌲 (@strawberriesandpinecones) on

The storm is now tracking across western and northern NSW and north-west Victoria, according to officials.

And a new warning to sheep graziers that cold temperatures, rain, snow and gale force west to northwesterly winds Thursday and Friday could kill lambs and sheep.

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