Lennu, the First Dog of Finland gets re-elected, is more popular than the Finnish president

Finnish voters by a wide margin re-elected their president Sauli Niinisto this weekend. That’s good news for Lennu, the First Dog, who will remain in power as well and continue to charmthe Internet with his lopsided grin and his love of ham.

Lennu, who is often seen being carried by Niinisto or his wife Jenni Haukio, a poet. People in Finland first noticed Lennu, a Boston terrier for his irascible behaviour.

The world outside of Finland was first alerted to Lennu by a tweet from Daily Beast writer Kelly Weill.

There’s a reddit thread about why Lennu should be voted into power.

On YouTube, a video created by Momo

a video of Lennu set to the theme of Twin Peaks

There’s even a mobile app feature a dog name Lennu

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  1. Oh my gosh Lennu is NOT a French Bulldog, Lennu is a Boston Terrier! Please correct this in your article. It is a big difference. Thank you.

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