Leopard bound to drown down 30-foot well rescued and returned to the wild

This lucky leopard is probably down a life or two.

The big cat was spotted down deep in a well in India when rescue workers leapt into action.

Wildlife S.O.S. said the 7-year-old female leopard was “on the verge of drowning” when they came upon it earlier this month. The well is located in the Yadavwadi village in the Otur range, Maharashtra.

The rescuers first dropped a ladder down the 30-foot well to give the leopard something to rest on and get a break from the water. Then, they used ropes to lower a crate down to the helpless animal.

The cat wisely — and quickly — jumped in.

And rescue crews hauled her to the surface.

The leopard was saved using a ladder, ropes and a crate. Wildlife S.O.S./YouTube

Then, she was taken to a sanctuary to be checked out.

“The animal was rescued by the Wildlife S.O.S team & the Forest Department and is currently under observation at the #ManikdohLeopardRescueCenter, the group posted on Facebook.

It’s not clear how long she was in the water.

And even better news: The big cat recovered swiftly and was just returned to the wild.

“Catch the exciting slow motion footage of the leopard being released back to its natural habitat,” Wildlife S.O.S. posted by way of update Monday.

With a feline this fleet-footed, you really do need to watch in slow-mo.

Photo Wildlife S.O.S./YouTube

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