Lin-Manuel Miranda’s pet pooch has a taste for birds

Broadway star Lin-Manuel Miranda calls it an “Easter miracle.”

Not exactly a biblical resurrection, but kind of close.

Miranda’s pet dog attacked his sister’s pet bird over the weekend.

“My dog pulled my sister’s parakeet out of the sky with her teeth,” the playwright and actor confessed on Twitter. “My nephew screamed so loud we were able to intervene before she ate him.”

The bird, Pepito, was “shook” and the dog, Tobillo, avoided eternal damnation, he continued.

“That was our Easter miracle,” the Hamilton star noted.

This is the victim, a green-cheeked conure, named Pepito Crespo.

The “scrappy little” bird didn’t even have a scratch, Miranda’s sister, Luz Miranda-Crespo explained.

This is the not-so-guilty party.

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