Livestream: Kittens found taped inside cardboard box thriving in care

At work yesterday, when  this story came across our desk, we ran to our boss and yelled:

Kittens, ten of them! Left taped inside a cardboard box!”

Drop everything and get to the bottom of it, he says.

So we did.

We talked to Sean Baker the executive director of the Langley Animal Protection Society.

Last week, a Good Samaritan noticed something suspicious in a dumpster.

He found a cardboard box taped up and when he opened it, three kittens jumped out and ran away (They’re still missing)

But seven other kittens were inside the cardboard box. There are two sets of litters. One born a few weeks ago, the other set a bit older.

One kitten, Little Everest, was very ill and died shortly afterwards. DSCN0673

That’s him on the right. A perfect little kitty.

The person who did this act of cruelty was “sick,” according to Baker.

Little kittens that size need water and to be fed constantly and taping kittens inside a cardboard box is for us at Critter Files, a pretty horrific crime. Baker was more gracious:


Someone purposely put [the box] there. We always say, it’s not up to us to judge why the person can’t care for the cat but please, you need to deal with it appropriately. This was not appropriate.”

The six little kittens that remain have been named: Cano, Canyon, Rio, Aurora, Victoria and Reef.











Here they are outside the box!


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