London drug store chain criticized for selling Botox tested on animals

Superdrug , a British retailer, is coming under fire by animal rights groups over the sales of botox injections tested on animals.

The drug store provides injections at some of its London locations. Costs can be as little as $160 Cdn.

Barney Reed, Senior Scientific Manager at the RSPCA said:

Most people having these injections are probably unaware of the animal suffering the testing of these types of products can cause. They would no doubt be horrified to find out that their desire for a wrinkle free face may lead to lab animals experiencing suffering.”

PETA has also launched an official complaint against the drug store chain.

The treatment will be administered by a nurse following a consultation, which will assess whether treatment is appropriate based on a patient’s answers to a questionnaire, Superdrug said.

Superdrug’s health and wellbeing ambassador Pixie McKenna said:

The popularity of anti-wrinkle treatments has increased dramatically in recent years.”


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