London Zoo unleashes its animals in amazing X-rays

First the Oregon Zoo offered a good look inside with X-rays of its animals.

Now, the ZLS London Zoo is getting up close and personal with its critters releases similarly dazzling black and white images.

The facility’s veterinary nurse Heather Macintosh said X-rays tell people a lot about heart healthy to bone strength.

“They’re vital to our work, and even though we get to see unique x-rays fairly often we still think that they’re absolutely fascinating,” she said in a statement.

The X-rays, posted online, include snakes, geckos and turtles.

But they are just a handful of the pictures the zoo has taken as part of its health checks.

“My favourite x-rays are definitely the snakes: humans have 33 vertebrae while snakes have between 200 and 400, which is how they’re so incredibly agile – it’s amazing to see it on screen,” Macintosh said.

This corn snake is fascinating.

Behold an X-ray of a corn snake. ZSL London Zoo/Twitter

The zoo shared the images as part of its “Vets in Action” event, which allows children learn from veterinarians at the zoo.

And the rest of the world gets to be wowed online.

The inner workings of a gecko. ZSL London Zoo/Twitter

“It’s great to be able to share the work that goes on behind the scenes at the Zoo to keep our residents in tip-top condition – and our visitors are always amazed to find out more about their favourite animals,” Macintosh added.

This is a big-headed turtle. ZSL London Zoo/Twitter

Photos ZSL London Zoo/Twitter

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