Lone wolf caught on video wandering along Sunshine Village road in Banff

This isn’t just a cool video of a wolf in the wild.

It’s a rather important sighting of the species in Banff National Park.

The pack was believed wiped out in the Bow Valley corridor of the Rockies from a combination of train strikes, being shot after encounters with people, and the few survivors just moving out of the region.

But wolves now appear to be back.

Well, one lone wolf, at least.

The Sunshine Village Ski Resort posted an incredible video taken before first light today by Brad Pugh of a grey wolf trotting along a road nearly oblivious to the cars along the way.

“What a sight!” the resort wrote on social media. “One of our lifties captured this incredible video of a wolf on the Sunshine Access Road this morning!”

There have been other signs wolves were on the rebound.

Let’s hope this isn’t the first – or last – we see of wolves in this area of Canada’s most famous national park.

Photo Banff Sunshine Village/Facebook

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