Lost dog survives being shot in head with nail gun in British Columbia

Maureen Yeo was devastated when her dog, Kuma, vanished.

But worry turned to outrage when the 2-year-old German shepherd was found mutilated with a nail gun.

Miraculously the dog survived.

“This is what happened to him,” Yeo posted on Facebook, alerting others in northern British Columbia. “These 3 nails were shot into his head with a nail gun. The nails are 3 inches long. If this makes you sick, I actually threw up. Someone must know something about this.”

The dog disappeared from the family business in Prince George, B.C., on June 25. Kuma was picked up about 50 kilometres away in Hixon, on Highway 97 south between Corval Road and Patterson Road on June 28. He was turned into the SPCA in Prince George.

“Please, please come forward with any information you may have before whoever did this gets a hold of another dog,” Yeo wrote. “Call the SPCA or the RCMP.”

Veterinarians removed the nails.

Vets took these nails out of a dog’s head. Maureen Yeo/Facebook

Kuma is doing alright, despite the abuse.

“He is now home, and resting comfortably,” Yeo updated. “Infection is now his next hurdle. The vet was surprised he survived at all.”

But he seems to be OK and on special medication.

“He has had one seizure and is now on strong pain medication as he was very uncomfortable,” Yeo told worried friends and strangers. “He is eating well and drinking lots of water. He is happy to get lots of loves and attention and is being spoiled rotten.”

Police and SPCA are no on the hunt for the person who did this to Kuma.

Someone shot this German shepherd with a nail gun. Maureen Yeo/Facebook

Photos Maureen Yeo/Facebook

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