Loyal little dog refuses to leave after owner passes out on side of the street

When his owner passed out in the middle of a busy street in China, this little white dog took charge.

Curious people surrounded the prone man. And traffic, in Guiyang in Guizhou province apparently stops for no one.

With all this activity around the stricken man, who was completely unresponsive, it was up to his dog, to be his protector.

The dog anxiously ran around his owner, not letting anyone get too close.

A bystander videotaped the whole incident and this video first appeared two years ago.

After paramedics arrived, the dog remained on guard, not letting them get too close.

A lunge at the hand of one of the paramedics who was about to pick up the dog’s owner didn’t make contact. But the dog made clear that he was on guard.


Finally the dog let paramedics lift up his owner and put him in an ambulance. This was when the dog got really anxious and kept circling around outside the ambulance.

With the encouragement of the crowd around him, the dog jumped into the ambulance with his owner. Inside, he got on his two legs to lift himself up to again keep watch over his human.



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