Magpie mimics emergency sirens amid Australian bushfires

Call it a sad testament to the bushfire reality facing people — and critters — in Australia.

The Copacabana Rural Fire Brigade posted a video Wednesday of a clever magpie sounding off by imitating its desperate surroundings.

“There have been so many emergency vehicles driving through bushfire-affected towns of New South Wales, it seems as though one magpie has picked up the tune,” the fire brigade posted on Facebook.

Gregory Andrews took the surreal video of black and white bird crowing out the sounds of sirens.

Singing the sounds of sirens is this one very clever magpie. Gregory Andrews/Facebook

“This is one of the coolest things ever,” Andrews explained. “Today I met an Australian magpie in Newcastle NSW which had learned to sing the calls of fire-engines and ambulances.”

Photos Gregory Andrews/Copacabana Rural Fire Brigade/Facebook

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